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Blue Specials Super Oasis Specials Blouse Blue Oasis Super Specials Super Oasis Blouse Blouse by Jayne Thompson; Updated August 01, 2018

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Good wardrobe stylists keep the beautiful people looking beautiful. From styling models for fashion shoots and advertising campaigns, to dressing celebrity clients, you'll have a knack for accentuating the positive attributes of the people you dress. You'll need a lot of persistence to succeed in this career, and a good head on your shoulders, since you're likely to be running your own business.


  • The salary range for a wardrobe stylist is quite broad, ranging from $26,462 to $111,243 per year. The median comes in at $50,185, in 2018.

Job Description

Wardrobe stylists will style clothing so that it transform a person's outward appearance. That person might be a model or she might be a celebrity who needs the perfect look for a big event or fashion shoot. Or, she might be a regular person who needs one-on-one assistance from a personal fashion consultant. Typical duties include selecting clothes, assembling outfits slated for magazine features, keeping abreast of seasonal fashions, researching fabrics and accessories, as well as attending fashion shows. Clearly, a keen eye for fashion is a must, but good people skills are just as important. There's a lot of networking required in this job, and you'll be working with designers, photographers, models, celebrities, hair and makeup artists, as well as with publicists and the media.

Blouse Super Blue Super Specials Oasis Blouse Specials Specials Super Oasis Blue Blouse Oasis Education Requirements

Although there are no formal educational requirements for a fashion career, by earning a degree in fashion design, fashion technology or fashion merchandising, you may increase your job opportunities in the field. Art and design courses are also sought after, and they may be a good entry point for an internship in the fashion industry or in the retail clothing sector. For those who are working with private clients, getting professional certification from the Association of Image Consultants International may enhance your resume and may help you build a steady stream of clients.


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Wardrobe stylists work in areas of the fashion industry that range from advertising and music video production to magazine features, movies and image consulting. Some may work exclusively with designers or public relations agencies. Working conditions vary, depending on the job role and employer, but flexibility is essential, as long hours, as well as working nights and weekends come with the territory -- and some wardrobe stylists travel extensively. Be aware that the job is not as glamorous as it sounds. Shopping for 10 hours a day may seem like fun, but it's not that appealing when you have a tight deadline and you must return the merchandise a few days later!

Oasis Specials Super Blue Oasis Super Blouse Super Specials Blouse Oasis Specials Blue Blouse Years of Experience

The median fashion stylist and personal stylist salary is Specials Blue Oasis Oasis Oasis Blouse Blouse Blouse Super Specials Specials Blue Super Super $50,185 in 2018. The median is the salary in the middle, so that that one half of fashion stylists earn more than this amount and half earn less. The typical pay rate is quite broad. Hourly salaries ranging from $9.95 at the low end to $51.38 at the top end, are not unusual. The higher hourly rates translate to well over six figures a year.

Super high earners aside, most wardrobe stylists work on a freelance basis and earn a day rate or a fixed fee for every gig, shoot or person they dress. The typical wardrobe stylist rate sheet is between $150 to $350 a day, with pay rising steadily with time and experience. Pay tends to stagnate or fall around the 20-year mark, suggesting that stylists who have more than 20 years of experience move on to other jobs in the fashion sector. A typical celebrity stylist salary progression may look like this:

Job Growth Trend

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not collect data on wardrobe stylists, it does collect data on the related career of fashion designer. This occupation is expected to grow at a rate of 3 percent through 2026, which is about half as fast as other occupations. It's possible that wardrobe stylists will experience a better rate of growth. That's because stylists are not vulnerable to cheap mass-market fashion imports, which fashion designers are, and stylists may experience better job prospects going forward.

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A former corporate real estate lawyer, Jayne Thompson writes about law, business, careers and personal finance, drawing on 17 years’ experience in the legal sector. She holds a Bachelor of Law and Business from the University of Birmingham and a Masters in International Law from the University of East London. Find her at www.whiterosecopywriting.com.

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Outer fabric material: 100% polyester

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Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, do not tumble dry, Machine wash on gentle cycle


Neckline: Low-cut v-neck

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Details: Bust darts

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